How to add a background video using HTML5 and CSS

Based on a Dev Tips video I recently watched, “How To Make A Full Screen Video Background in HTML + CSS”, I managed to get the background video to work with an overlay of text, except the vertical and horizontal scroll bars were appearing in Firefox (version 43.0.4).

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Organising with Trello

On my quest to becoming more organised and productive, I’ve read about how awesome it is to use Trello. Not just for team collaborations but for individuals. The use of card sorting and organising lists appealed to me so the next logical step was to think how I could best use Trello productively. Was it for my Web Development work? blogging? or to organise everything else in my life!?

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How To Harden Your WordPress Website For Better Security

My latest blog post, “How To Harden Your WordPress Website For Better Security” was published by last night.

Thanks to Hoi-Sze Lam from for the opportunity.

JavaScript Goals for 2016

It’s the first day of the new year so I thought I’d share what I recently watched that inspires me.

Jennifer De Walt shares her experiences (at JS Conference 2014) of how she learned to code by creating 180 websites in 180 days. It’s inspirational to see how she shares her successes and failures with the audience. Jennifer also mentions that with every site she creates, it is accompanied by a blog post (for each day) and the code is in a GitHub repository. In the past, I’ve tried to demonstrate what I’ve learned using CodePen in addition with GitHub.

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